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    Taurean does double duty as an owner and endorser of Crossover Culture.

    NBA veteran Taurean Prince has joined Crossover Culture in a dual role - as an endorser and an owner.

    Taurean is a pro's pro who has built his NBA career on making sure he does all the things that contribute to winning - the same approach he's taking to his new venture with Crossover Culture. Taurean will be involved in the creation and design of new products, marketing initiatives, and business strategies. On the court, Taurean's been wearing the Fatale for the 2023-2024 NBA season - you'll see him rocking some crazy colorways he's designed. More to come!

    “I love the brand. I'm in 100%. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an owner and just contribute my creativity to the success of the company”, said Taurean about why he joined  Crossover Culture.

    “This is the era of player empowerment and we are excited to have Taurean as a part of Crossover Culture both as an owner and endorser. As a veteran who has been through the rigor of multiple NBA seasons, Taurean is creative, insightful, and overall, a great partner to work with”, said Ryan Duke, founder of Crossover Culture.

    Crossover Culture is a new brand in the basketball category and can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Hibbett Sports.



    The Fortune and the Fatale are built for an unconscious game.


    Crossover Culture has launched two brand new basketball sneakers, the Fortune and the Fatale and introduces new Ghost Foam technology.

    Ghost Foam is a proprietary supercritical midsole foam that is engineered for maximum bounce. Ghost Foam is manufactured using a specialized supercritical fluid foaming process, producing a high-performance foam with reduced material weight and increased energy return. The result is an extra bouncy, highly responsive feel in a very lightweight package.

    Ghost Foam is featured in the new Fortune, one of the two new styles being released by Crossover Culture. Inspiration for the Fortune’s name is found in the spirit of the fearless players, the ones who have the guts to shoot the game winner, the ones who put the team on their backs and fights for victory – its name comes from the players who doesn’t accept what they are told, they make their own fortune. The Fortune is designed to be worn by any player on the court, not limited to a specific position or body type. In the Fortune, the foot sits seated deep into the midsole structure which provides high speed stability and multi-direction support, perfect for a shifty style of play. Choosing to forego the traditional rubber “outrigger”, the deep seated fit and sculpted midsole shaping wraps the foot providing lateral stability continuously from heel through forefoot. Distorted herringbone outsole combines the best of the time-tested herringbone traction pattern with a more durable configuration – sticky traction indoors while being durable enough for outdoor use. A TPU shark fin at the heel is a nod to the internal stabilizing heel cup – further noting the commitment to stability that is integral to the design of the Fortune. Full grain leathers and zone engineered mesh combine to make for a breathable lock down fit. Sitting on top of the Ghost Foam midsole, the Fortune is a great option for players who value high speed stability and maximum bounce.

    The Fatale is another new release by Crossover Culture. Taurean Prince of the Los Angeles Lakers has been wearing pre-release colorways of the Fatale on NBA courts this season. The low-cut Fatale’s name comes from the French word for lethal – and in the modern game of basketball, speed kills. With that inspiration in mind, the Fatale was built for speed. The Fatale features a traction pattern inspired by the shape of amoebas, with a series of strategically placed organic shapes that provide sticky grip in all directions while reducing material weight. The outsole wraps strategically at the lateral forefoot flex area for added stability. The uppers are made using a unique 3D heat molded mesh, providing a snug protective fit while enabling maximum mobility. An elevated, molded heel counter and a dual medial/lateral strap system provides an extra level of lockdown fit. The midsole cushioning featured is Crossover Culture’s Twitch Foam, a high rebound foam that absorbs impact and returns more energy than traditional EVA foams. With a super comfortable ride and an extra burst on the court, the Fatale is shoe made for players who like freedom of movement, agility, and high speed performance.

    There are three colorways of each style dropping: Atmosphere, Deep Space, and Psychonaut. These colorways are a part of an “Unconscious Game” theme for the new drops. Hoopers worldwide can relate to the experience of being “in the zone”, hitting threes from all over the court, can’t miss, seeing the play before it happens, just playing out of your mind. This is Unconscious Game, when you’ve elevated above what’s normal and reach new levels of basketball. The colorways are a nod to the levels a player might pass through as they elevate their game from the terrestrial level to an unconscious level – rising up through the atmosphere, into deep space, and then to a higher plane of altered consciousness as a psychonaut. The Fortune and Fatale a designed to be an extension of the body, without distraction from reaching the level of Unconscious Game.

    Both available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizing, the Fortune retails for $120 and the Fatale for $110, both are available at select DICK’S Sporting Goods and around the nation will see promotions of the Fortune and Fatale with Crossover Culture’s lineup of NIL partners, including Rob Dillingham, Jacy Sheldon, Trey Parker, Boogie Fland, and Jordan Burks.



    Jacy leading the way with Crossover Culture.

    Crossover Culture has signed a NIL partnership with top ranked collegiate star Jacy Sheldon.

    Jacy was a five start recruit out of high school, where she dropped a single game record of 52 points, and went on to the Ohio State University where she's lead her team to the NCAAW Elite Eight. She's won numerous awards throughout her career and was named a 2024 AP All American. Her next stop is the WNBA where she is widely expected to be a first round pick. 

    “It's great to be a part of the first group of athlete's partnering with Crossover Culture. I think people are really going to like the new drop and I can't wait to see what comes next. Not gonna like the sneakers are awesome”, said Sheldon about why she's hopping on board with Crossover Culture.

    “Jacy has an aura of kindness that might leave you surprised when she’s the one who calls for the ball and puts in a dagger three point game winner. Jacy is an absolute competitor and winner on the court and a breathe of fresh air off the court. Couldn’t be happier to have her as a part of Crossover Culture”, said Ryan Duke, founder of Crossover Culture.

    Crossover Culture is a new brand in the basketball category and can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.



    Boogie on a mission with Crossover Culture.

    Crossover Culture has signed a NIL partnership with top ranked high school star Boogie Fland.

    Carrying the tradition of elite New York City point guards, Boogie has a claim to the being the top high school point guard in the country. A city champ, a McDonald’s All American, Five Star Recruit, and USA U17 Gold Medalist, Fland has been a winner everywhere he goes. He’s known his leadership on and off the floor, never backing down from a challenge, and his unique ability to make tough shots from all over the court.

    “To be doing something different and I really like the way they approach working with athletes. It’s very different, a lot of freedom. I like the whole vibe.”, said Fland when asked about why he jumped in with Crossover Culture.

     “Boogie is a pure bucket, basketball joy personified, a natural leader. The fans love his game and we’re blessed to count him as a part of what we’re building with Crossover Culture”, said Ryan Duke, founder of Crossover Culture.

    Crossover Culture is a new brand in the basketball category and can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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    Trey Parker jumps in with the Crossover Culture.

    Crossover Culture has signed an NIL partnership with top amateur basketball star Trey Parker.

    Trey is a high-flying athlete who has amassed a massive following around the nation for his electric style. Trey’s supernatural hops have put many of his opponents on a poster, but his game goes beyond the soul crushing dunks. A Top 100 recruit, Trey is a lightning quick open court player, picking people’s pockets and taking it coast to coast for acrobatic finishes at the rim. He’s headed to NC State next year, bringing an army of fans with him.

    “Want to be a part of something different just not the same as everything else. Crossover Culture man just is doing things different”, said Parker when asked why he jumped in with Crossover Culture.

    “Trey has the game and the vibe that fans love and we love the energy he brings to any room he’s in - just a guy who brings excitement into everything he does and never afraid of the spotlight. Trey’s a great fit for what we’re building and where we’re going”, said Ryan Duke, founder of Crossover Culture.

    Crossover Culture is a new brand in the basketball category and can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.



    Rob Dillingham joins the Crossover Culture squad.

    Crossover Culture has signed a NIL partnership with top ranked collegiate player Rob Dillingham.

    A star freshman at Kentucky, Rob Dillingham is an electric playmaking guard, exceptionally creative off the dribble with highlight reel ball-handling and shiftiness. His play this season has showcased his all-world talent which is generating significant buzz on every 2024 NBA draft board.

    With both his on court, and off court moves, Dillingham is known as a leader amongst his peers with an independent mindset who’s never been backed down from making his own way. This NIL partnership with Crossover Culture is the latest in Rob Dillingham’s boundary breaking amateur career.

    “Crossover Culture’s products have a great feel. Love the look of what they are doing. I definitely appreciate their fresh approach to working with athletes and the overall vision of what they are creating”, said Dillingham.

    “Rob embodies the excitement of the game with true creativity and passion. As an innovative thinker and exceptional player, he’s a perfect partner and representation of what we’re building at Crossover Culture”, said Ryan Duke, founder of Crossover Culture.

    Crossover Culture is a new brand in the basketball category and can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.



    Jordan Burks joins the Crossover Culture team.

    Crossover Culture has signed an NIL partnership with top ranked collegiate player Jordan Burks.

    A freshman at Kentucky, Jordan Burks is an exceptional basketball talent who has put the team first in his debut collegiate year while he patiently awaits the opportunity to showcase his skills. As a high school senior, he was the leading scorer in the Overtime Elite circuit, averaging over 27 points per game. A 6’8” wing, Burks is an explosive scorer who is just scratching the surface of his potential.

    “Just like what Crossover Culture is about, sneakers are super comfy, I vibe with the whole brand and how they encourage my own creativity. Really wanted to be a part of what Crossover Culture is building”, said Burks when asked why he jumped on board with Crossover Culture.

    “Jordan is someone who we feel is the kind of person and player who will sneak up on people and really blow up in the right spot. He operates under the radar in some ways but we don’t think that will be for long”, said Ryan Duke, founder of Crossover Culture, “and what really sets him apart as an individual, the first thing he asked for when we signed this deal was not for his own merch, but to hook up all the girl’s on the 8th grade team his mother coaches – that shows you the type of individual Jordan is.”

    Crossover Culture is a new brand in the basketball category and can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

    Jordan Burks is represented by Culture Sports & Entertainment.